Volume 1,Number 2,July 2012


Chemical and Sensory Quality of Cakes formulated with Wheat ,Soyabean and Cassava Flours

F.U.Ugwuona,J.I.Ogara and M.D.Awogbenja

Relationship Among Annual Cicer species Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers

Pratibha Yadav,V.S.Tomar,J.K.Mishra and A.K.S.Chauhan

Isolation of Azotobacter spp.From Marine Thondi Region and to Check its Stability by Earthern Plot Culture Method

Y.Shalini and P.Premasudha

Screening and Production of Extra Cellular Feather Degrading Enzyme From Bacterial Isolates

Areeb Inamdar,Sahera Nasreen and R.Siddiqui

A Comprative Study of Pulmonary Function of Urban Tribal and Non tribal Boys of Tripura

Uma Sinha and S.K. Nag

Study on the Morphology,Feeding Capcity and Prey Preference of Neoscona crucifera and N.adianta....

Radheshyam Mishra,G.Ahmad and S.N.Chaubey

Antimicrobial Activity of Some Ethnomedicinal Plants Used By Tribes of Rewa,Madhya Pradesh

Manisha Yadav and Khalid Kafeel Khan

Incidence of Foliar Blight Pathogens of Wheat ....

Ratika Singh,R.M.S.Sengar and Surendra Singh

Drugs Avians Fats Orgin as Used by Tribals in Chhatisgarh

S.Z.Ali,H.K.Azami and J.Amad

Some Ethno-medicinal Plants of District Rajouri....

Shamim Ahmed Azad and Anwar Shah

Conservation of Highly Exploited Medicinal Plants of Vindhyam .....

M.P.Singh,Jagdish Narayan and T.N.Singh

Consciousness of Reproductive Health Among Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls

Asha Singh and Raka Rathor

Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Some Ethnomedicinal Plants.......

Manisha Yadav and Khalid Kafeel Khan

Traditional Herbal Care of Human Health Care in Jaunpur...

Mayank Singh

Availability of Cadmimum Metal in Barley.....

Sudhir Kumar Pathak and V.P.Singh

Effects of Mutagens on Pollen Fertility in Mungbean.....

Shamim Ahmed Azad

Ethnomedicinal Documentation of Some Vegetables Plants....

Rakesh Samar,Milin K.Agrawal,Alok Varma and Manju Jain

A Preliminary Survey of the Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Status....

Naveen Krishna Srivastva,Deepak Kumar Srivastva and Poonam Singh

Ethnomedicinal Plants of Family Rubiaceae of Eastern U.P.

Preeti Singh and Syed Javed Ali

Studies on Exploration and Conservation of Some Endangered Medicinal Plants....


Intravitam Diagnosis of Rabies From Saliva By TaqMan Real Time PCR

M.Dandale,C.K.Singh,Karan Bansal,Ramneek,D.Deka.B.S.Sandhu and N.K.Sood

Antimicrobial Screening of Extract of Leaves of Lantana camara

Milin K.Agrawal,Alka Varma and Surendra Goyal

Effect of Liquid Distillery Discharges of Peak Production Season on Seed Germination.....

N.K.Mishra and P.K.Gupta

Antidiabetic Herabal Medicines of Eastern U.P.

Preeti Singh and Syed Javed Ali

Effect of Potassium on Moonbean

M.Z.Beg and Soharab Ahmad

Some Economic and Medicianl Plants Used By Tribals in Ashok Nagar and Guna...

G.L.Sharma,R.P.Sharma,A.K.S.Chauhan and J.K.Mishrara